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<a href=" http://www.danilomontanari.com/pubblicazioni/1717/ " target="_blank"></a>

Mustafa Sabbagh and Giulia Marchi
Limited Edition of 34 signed and numbered copies, from 1 to 34
Artist's Book containing 34 photographs cm 21x26 printed on paper Canson Baryta
Photographique g 310
Case: wooden box cm 25.3 x 30.6 x 2.9
Texts: Fabiola Triolo, Danilo Montanari
Printed November 2014
Danilo Montanari Editore

17:17 (interior day for G, exterior night for M)
G - Do you believe in coincidences?
M - No, I should say not. But I believe in contingencies…

17 tableaux vivants in black, those by Mustafa Sabbagh.
17 altered matrices of a Polaroid, those by Giulia Marchi.
34 photographs for 17 diptychs as distichs, reverberating into one another, that from a close dialogue, syntonic or dystonic, produce plots of the artist's book 17:17.
Giulia's chemical landscapes welcome Mustafa's languid mutants reflecting themselves in the same chemical hunger for life, futuristic black Narcissi in mirrors of rarefaction and bleach.
Gods, glam fauna and aliens, veiled Christs who refuse stasis of the nevermore and nicotine dependent Madonnas in black lace, to be stage set in the name of one single unconscious; and the same portion of wall, bleached overexposed stratified attacked stroked, to be manipulated in order to demonstrate that the point of view is never - cannot be - univocal.

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